How To Use Free Jungle Scout Account & Save $1000?

If you are an Amazon seller, you must have known one leading tool used to extract marketplace data, find, launch, and sell products on Amazon which is Jungle Scout (JS). People are always trying to find a free jungle scout alternative, as Jungle Scout comes with a subscription of $350 to $1000 per year. But have you ever thought about using a free jungle scout account? Yes, you read it perfectly right. In this article, we will educate you on how to use Jungle Scout (JS) for free with no hidden charges. So folks, get ready to save $1000!

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Does Jungle Scout Have a Free Trial?

The biggest question here is whether there is there a free version of jungle scout or not. So let us clear up the confusion.

If you install the Jungle Scout extension in your browser, it just shows you some basic information under a listing as shown in the figure below, but does not show you the information you need.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pricing?

Now that we have discussed the official free version of Jungle Scout, it’s important to discuss the official pricing as well.

Jungle Scout has three pricing versions, Basic, Suite, and Professional with Suite being the most popular one as shown in the figure. 

The basic plan charges $29 per month, with $349 billed annually. The suite plan charges $49 per month, with $589 billed annually. The professional plan charges $84 per month, with $999 billed annually.

How To Get a Free Jungle Scout Account?

I’m sure you are still waiting for the hack, so let’s get to business. First, you have to have a temporary email that you will use to sign up for your free Jungle Scout account.

You can search and acquire a temporary email address, or just go to this website and get a free temporary email address. For Example,

Now go to Jungle Scout and go to the “Log In” page, and then click “Sign up” from the bottom of the page, select “USD” and then click on “Create one now” as shown in the figures.

Enter your name, country, and the temporary email address you have. Now it’s time for the real hack. Copy the character of this email address before ‘@’ and paste them in the password row. For Example, for the email address “”, the password would be “wofof72489”.

Click “Sign up” and boom, you have a free Jungle Scout account!

Please keep in mind, that this account will only have:

  • 50 uses of the Chrome extension pop-up
  • 50 uses for ‘Listing Grader’
  • 1 Exclusive search of Opportunity Finder (Pro Tip: Select all relevant categories in a single search along with your criteria.)
  • 250 Sales Estimator searches per month
  • Exclusive training with Jungle Scout Academy

But why worry when you can always make another account instantly after 50 uses? It will only take up to 2 minutes of your time.


Congratulations, you’ve just saved $1000. We advise you to share this secret hack with every other Amazon seller or service provider you know and also help them save $1000.

The information provided is intended to assist sellers worldwide in developing a successful online Amazon business empire. We hope that this information was of benefit to you and that you found it useful for your business.

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