How Upswing Services Saved $7,000 for their Client

Brand Overview

The client featured in this case study is a leading brand in the material handling industry. They introduced their flagship product, aiming to revolutionize the transportation of heavy loads. With a focus on providing efficient and reliable solutions, our client sought to enhance the effectiveness and revenue of its advertising efforts. The brand aimed to streamline their advertising campaigns to target the correct demographic and maximize returns on ad expenditure.


Before optimization, we conducted a detailed level audit of the brand’s account and we encountered several challenges in their advertising campaigns:

  1. Wasteful Ad Spend

    Our client's campaigns were not optimized, resulting in inefficient spending of their advertising budget. The wasteful ad spend exceeded $7,000, affecting the account campaign performance without yielding the desired results.

  2. Irrelevant Keywords

    Our client's advertising campaigns were targeting unrelated keywords, leading to wasted clicks and ads budget. These irrelevant keywords failed to attract the target audience, resulting in ineffective ad performance.

  3. Omission of High Performing Search Terms

    Campaigns with high performing customer search terms, such as ASIN-based, outlier, or relevant keywords were not targeted in other match types i.e. Exact, Phrase, Broad. This strategy limited visibility and potential conversions by making the product unavailable to the other match types placements.

  4. Lack of Sponsored Brand Campaigns

    Our client was neither utilizing video campaigns nor store spotlight, missing out on the opportunity to engage customers through this impactful visual medium.

  5. Lack of Sponsored Display Campaigns

    Our client was again not utilizing the views remarketing and purchase remarketing campaigns to retarget their audience and use the Amazon audience in-market targeting to show their ads on and off Amazon.

The Approach and Solutions

To overcome these challenges and optimize our client’s advertising campaigns, the following approach was implemented:

  1. Ad Spend Optimization

    Reduced wasteful ad spend by $7,000 by implementing strategic negations, budget allocation, and creating new campaigns.

  2. Keyword Targeting Refinement

    Turned off irrelevant keywords and refined keyword targeting to improve conversion rate and click-through rate.

  3. Expansion of Keyword Targeting

    Created new campaigns for high performing customer search terms to reach a broader audience and increase conversions. We did this with the help of our Automated Search Term Finder.

  4. Addition of Sponsored Brand Campaigns

    Developed video and store spotlight campaigns to showcase product features, benefits, and applications, increasing brand recognition and boosting consumer engagement.

  5. Addition of Sponsored Display Campaigns

    Created offensive, defensive, remarketing campaigns, and view and purchase campaigns to protect the brand, retarget loyal customers, and increase sales.

  6. Brand Tailored Promotions and Coupons

    Created free promotions and buy 1, get 2 promotions and 10% off coupons to increase conversion rate and sales.

The Impact and Results

Optimizing our client’s advertising campaigns resulted in significant impact and positive outcomes:

  1. TACoS


  2. ACoS


  3. RoAS


  4. CTR


  5. CVR


  6. Wasteful Ad Spend


  7. Timeline to achieve these results

    4 months

In conclusion, our optimization of the advertising campaigns demonstrates the effectiveness of strategic adjustments and targeted optimizations in maximizing efficiency and revenue. By addressing wasteful spending, irrelevant search terms, and keywords, and incorporating all ad types of campaigns, we successfully improved campaign performance, expanded brand visibility, and established a strong presence in the material handling industry.