Client Name: Gary

Brand: Drumlar (USA)

Client Name: David

Brand: Remax (USA)

Client Name: Keya

Brand: Skyola (UK)

Client Name: Evan

Brand: Nualgi Ponds (Canada)

Client Name: Lindsay

Brand: Nualgi Pond Care (USA)

Working with Hamza well exceeded any expectations I had. He is professional, his communication is excellent and he delivers exactly what he promises, on time and on budget. He is very transparent with his process and goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are satisfied. He delivered on all of the milestones we had set out for this job, which was sometimes not easy! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for Amazon help, whether it’s setting up new product listings, optimizing current ones or creating and optimizing amazing ad campaigns. He’s an absolute gem of a find!


Hamza did a great job and wrote listings for my Amazon products using perfect keywords. He was always kind, available to help and gave me useful suggestions for my Amazon store. Hamza is a fantastic communicator, with a positive attitude and very professional. He was very supportive and honest also at the end of the project. I hope we can collaborate again soon, thank you!


Hamza Z. made an excellent job, providing me with insights and ways of how to optimize campaigns, taking into account our margin level and extremely competitive niche. He went in and took my ACOS from average ~83% down to ~25%. We got clear instructions and a strategic plan for Q4 to be ready to rock in the high season. Will highly recommend Hamza Z. Thank you for your work! Took me 3 tries and 4 months to find a good PPC Expert, and I’m happy I finally found Hamza Z.


It’s the second time we are hiring Hamza Zulfiqar, & we are now going for the third round 🙂 He works fast and delivers great results.


The best investment made for our Amazon business. Our FBA sales increased by 200% exactly after few months from the date we hired him. We will definitely keep working with him going forward. Hamza is best in this Amazon PPC business!


FANTASTIC! Hamza did a great job for us researching products and keywords. He is very knowledgeable with Amazon. He delivered great results on time and communicated very professionally with us. Highly recommended and we will hire again. Thank you Hamza.


Hamza Z. is awesome! He is exceptionally professional, timely, and easy to work with. He did an outstanding job creating & optimizing our Amazon Listing, A+ Content, and also hunted a product for my Amazon store. I am grateful for his versatility and willingness to take on new projects. I plan to work with Hamza again in the near future! I would highly recommend!


Hamza Z. is a great communicator. He was timely and made meaningful suggestions on the job, perceived hurdles and planned strategically on how best to complete the tasks I requested. His Amazon skills are excellent and he always communicated efficiently and professionally. I would recommend Hamza Z. and would work with him again in the future.


His skills are very talented, his results are so amazing, and his communications are brilliant! Highly recommend to everyone.


Excellent work. Very Professional attitude. Will highly recommend.